Wireless Technology: Consider These Security System Options for Your Home

Investing in home security systems is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 228,000 households get broken into every year. Without proper security systems, you could be a victim of burglaries that result in property theft, damage and personal injury. Gone are the days when proper home security comprised of a high-quality deadbolt lock and grilled window frames. Today there are advanced wireless security systems that can improve the security of your home. Read More 

One Key to Rule Them All: A Master Key System

How many keys do you have on your key ring? It can be somewhat annoying when your key chain becomes a hulking monstrosity crammed with more keys than you probably need. It can be helpful to occasionally inspect your key ring to see which keys can be removed, such as ones that you no longer need. There are even online guides on how to reduce the bulk of your key ring. It can be difficult to comfortably carry such a loaded key ring in your pocket, and an excessively heavy key ring also has the potential to damage your car's ignition, although it's unlikely. Read More 

3 Aspects to Consider Before Calling an Emergency Locksmith

If you lose the keys to your front door, it is more than likely that panicking will be your first reaction. It is even worse if you can't get into your house during ungodly hours of the night. Panicking can lead to kneejerk reactions such as breaking your window or door to gain access to your home. It is precisely for this reason that having an emergency locksmith on speed dial is essential. Read More 

Access Control: Should You Install an Electronic System in Your Business Space?

Proper management of physical access in your commercial space is essential for your business. The control measures will ensure the security of your information and assets. Free access to areas such as the data centre increases the risk of equipment damage and information leaking. In addition, access control ensures the safety of your employees and clients if there are hazardous materials and systems in the workplace. If you are planning on enhancing your access control measures, you should think about installing an electronic system. Read More 

How a Locksmith Can Help to Protect Your Family and Your Home

If you have young children, you know that they can get up to all kinds of mischief when no one is looking. While a lot of the time this can take the form of harmless fun, when it comes to locks and keys, the consequences could be much more serious. Below is a guide to how a locksmith can help you to protect your home and your children. Installing a key locator Read More