The Differing Functions of Door Handles Explained

Door handles are different for a good reason. Although you might think that they all perform a fairly similar function – that of opening a door – they don't. If you think about it for a moment, your front door handle is likely to be different from the sort of thing you'd find in a bathroom, for instance. Door handle designs vary for stylistic reasons, of course, but their principle design ethos is driven by their function. Read More 

Car Theft Prevention: How Are Thieves Accessing Your Vehicle?

Do you think that car thieves sneak around at night hot-wiring vehicles and stealing them? This usually only happens in the movies. Today people are making it easy for car thieves to take their cars without even making any effort. High-technology and sophisticated car security systems have almost become redundant as thieves don't need to get past them to steal a vehicle. All they need is to access your car key, and they can drive your vehicle away without looking suspicious. Read More 

Five Practical Steps When You’ve Been The Victim Of A Home Invasion Or Burglary

When you have been the victim of a break in, burglary or home invasion, the trauma and emotional strain can sometimes prove more severe than the physical damage or loss inflicted. You can be left feeling vulnerable and violated, emotions that, if left unchecked, may escalate and begin to effect other aspects of your daily life. Below are five practical steps that will not only help with the aftermath of a burglary or home invasion, but help you to feel pro active and empowered. Read More 

Do You Need a Car Dealership to Replace Lost Keys?

Both motorcycles and cars have ever more sophisticated security systems and they will often cause owners a big headache if they lose their keys. In many cases, Australians believe that the only thing they can do to replace a set of car keys is to apply to their local dealership or from where they purchased the car. Most car dealers inflate the cost of cutting a new key especially if they need to reprogramme it to operate today's electronic locks. Read More 

3 Quick Thinking Actions When Your Baby Is Locked Inside Your Home… And You Don’t Have The Keys

This is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of –– you accidentally walk into your backyard to do some gardening and forget to carry your keys . . . only to find yourself locked out while your baby is asleep inside. It's easy to panic in this emergency situation, but some quick-thinking actions will help you get back into your home, so that you can ensure that your baby is safe and sound. Read More