Do You Need a Car Dealership to Replace Lost Keys?

Both motorcycles and cars have ever more sophisticated security systems and they will often cause owners a big headache if they lose their keys. In many cases, Australians believe that the only thing they can do to replace a set of car keys is to apply to their local dealership or from where they purchased the car. Most car dealers inflate the cost of cutting a new key especially if they need to reprogramme it to operate today's electronic locks. However, this is nothing compared to resetting the entire security system which is needed if you lose your master key and spares. Doing so can set you back several thousands of dollars for a modern vehicle. Surely there is an alternative?

Key Insurance

Some insurance providers will cover you for the loss of keys. However, it is not necessarily something that is included in all policy types. Comprehensive car insurance does not always cover you for the accidental loss of your car keys and may not pay out in the event that they are stolen from your property.

If you are in doubt about whether your insurer covers you for the great expense of replacing your keys at your local dealership, then it is worth checking before your next renewal date. Some breakdown roadside assistance companies will cover you for the loss of keys as a part of their annual coverage – well worth bearing in mind if you lose them while out and about.

Independent Key Cutters

A car locksmith will be able to provide you with a new key if you lose a set. Simply put, you don't need to go to an official car dealer to get a spare key made. Therefore, it is well worth having an extra key cut in advance and storing it in a safe place to use in an emergency. There is no legal obligation for a car seller to supply more than one key for a vehicle, so have a second one cut if you are only relying on one.

If you have lost all your keys, then it is still worth consulting with an independent locksmith. They are often able to cut and encode keys without too much hassle, although it often depends on the particular make and model of car that you drive. Many offer genuine replacement keys which look just like the original, but it is also frequently cheaper to ask them about after-market car keys which differ in appearance somewhat but are a little but are cheaper.