Three ‘Key’ Checks to Make After Moving into a New Home

Moving house involves a lot of stress, and with so much to do you might forget to check some 'key' details. It's essential to make sure that you have keys to every lock in your new property and that every key works correctly. Missing or damaged keys to windows, doors and storage areas can create big problems down the line.

If you've only tested out one of your front door keys, then you could get a nasty surprise the first time you try to use another—poorly made or damaged keys may not work in your door. You should also check the quality of the locks around your home and ensure that they offer adequate security, keeping you and your possessions safe.

Have you been given keys to all windows and doors?

This sounds simple, but there may be more locks around your new house than you first imagine, particularly in a large building. You should check each room systematically for locks, and ensure that you've been given keys for everything. Check windows, doors, utility cupboards and storage areas. Even if they're spaces you're happy to keep closed for now, you shouldn't wait until the day you're desperate to get into the boiler cupboard or open a window to take action. Have new locks and keys fitted now to ensure you have access to every area of your home when you need it.

Do all of your keys work?

If you've been given several keys to doors around the home, make sure you test all of them. If the previous owner only used one key, they may have unknowingly given you copies that don't work, or keys with damage that isn't immediately obvious. If this is the case, you should have copies of the working key made immediately. Choose a reputable local locksmith to ensure that your copies work perfectly and last a long time.

Do the locks provide an adequate level of security?

It's considered good practice to have new locks fitted when moving into a new home, as you have no way of knowing whether or not previous owners or tenants have kept keys. Burglars often see your home as an easy target if you've recently moved house, as you're likely to be distracted, so it's really important to take full precautions. You should check for any locks which appear to be broken or old and ensure that these are replaced as soon as possible.