Tips To Prevent Your Car Door Locks From Freezing In The Winter

Frozen car doors are always a disaster. This is especially true if you are in a hurry. The usual culprits are cold temperatures and water from precipitation. The best way to prevent your car door locks from freezing in the winter is by following these tips:

Check and replace worn gaskets

A torn or worn gasket between your car frame and door is one of the factors that can lead door lock to freeze shut. Torn gaskets allow water to get in. Water then freezes, thus preventing your door from opening.

Check whether your car's gasket is torn or has gaps, and have an experienced professional replace the worn or torn gasket for you.

Thoroughly clean the car's doorframe

Dirt or other debris might get to the doorframe, hence preventing the gasket from sealing properly. In turn, it lets in water, which freezes and makes the door difficult to open.

You need to clean the frame thoroughly using warm water and a clean cloth to avoid this problem. Doing so removes the debris and dust that often lets water to collect. Use a dry cloth to collect any excess water, and ensure that there's no water residue left behind to prevent any causes of freezing.

Apply some protective liquid

Applying a lubricant keeps the gasket's rubber in excellent shape. As the gasket ages, it not only dries, but also becomes cracked. A high quality lubricant should prevent this.

You must only use a lubricant or oil that's safe for car parts and/or rubber. A rubber conditioner or silicon spray makes an ideal lubricant for car door gaskets. Also, use a clean cloth or paper towel to apply the lubricant.

Use a car cover or tarp to cover your car

While lubricating, cleaning, and/or replacing the gaskets is an excellent prevention measure, another strategy involves covering the car to prevent moisture. Use a car cover or tarp to keep rain and snow off your car when it's cold.

The best side to cover is the driver's side door. This door gives you easy access when you want to drive off in a hurry. The material of the cover must be heavy-duty. Strong materials withstand tearing from heavy snow or ice weight.

During cold weather, it's normal for your car door locks to freeze shut. Obviously, the last thing you want is ending up with a lock that won't budge or a door that won't open. Fortunately, with some little expertise, you can protect your car locks from freezing. Follow the above tips and you'll be good to go.

If you are locked out of your car because the door is frozen, you may want to check your door and implement the tips above. In the meantime, it's a good idea to call an auto locksmith to help you get into your car.