Fireproof Safe: Understanding the Important Performance Factors

If you are thinking about securing important documents or precious items in your home, you should consider getting a fireproof safe. Often, when people purchase strongboxes, their primary concern is burglary. However, the risk of fire damage is also quite high, and there is no hope for recovery after this type of destruction. This is particularly true for items prone to accelerated degradation such as digital media, magnetic film and even paper. There are numerous types and brands of fire resistant safes; this makes the process of selecting the right product difficult. Therefore, consider these critical performance factors before making your purchase.

Insulation Material

The type and quality of the fireproof lining used in the construction of the safe will determine its performance in case of a fire. In general, there are two materials which are ideal for production of the lining: sheetrock and ceramic wool. Sheetrock performs relatively well in high temperatures, but it is not suitable for extreme heat protection. This is because the sheet rock tends to disintegrate after prolonged exposure to the adverse conditions. If you choose this type of lining, ensure that it has fibreglass embedded in it; this reduces rate of disintegration. Ceramic wool is highly efficient in providing protection against general heat and fire. This material is relatively expensive, but you will get consistent protection for your sensitive items.

Temperature Rating

You should know the maximum temperature protection of your preferred safe before purchase. This is an important consideration because the fire resistance and general performance of safes made from the same structural material and similar lining element can be different. This can be attributed to the general construction of the safe. Therefore, ensure that you will get the desired level of protection, depending on the type of goods and even your budget. Typically, the fireproof safe will have a temperature rating outlined by the manufacturer to help you with your selection. Safes with thicker lining will have higher maximum fire rating. In addition, you should ensure that the safe has fire protection on all sides, not just the top and bottom.

Internal Space

You should check the internal storage capacity of the fireproof safe before purchase. Unlike normal strongboxes, a fireproof safe's size cannot be determined by assessing the external structure. This is because the thick walls and the fireproofing material take up significant space. Therefore, you should check the exact internal dimensions provided by the manufacturer and compare with your pertinent application.

Finally, you should make certain that the fireproof safe is sufficiently burglar-proof. For more information, contact local professionals like Askwith Company.