How a Locksmith Can Help to Protect Your Family and Your Home

If you have young children, you know that they can get up to all kinds of mischief when no one is looking. While a lot of the time this can take the form of harmless fun, when it comes to locks and keys, the consequences could be much more serious. Below is a guide to how a locksmith can help you to protect your home and your children.

Installing a key locator

Keys are very attractive objects for young children to play with. Keys are shiny and a bunch of them will make an attractive sound when jingled together. If children get hold of your keys, they can hide them or accidentally drop them into inaccessible locations. To avoid the hassle of having to spend hours interrogating your children and searching the house, you could ask a locksmith to supply you with a key locator. A key locator is designed to glow in the dark and emit a beeping sound when triggered by a Bluetooth signal. Many modern key locators can be triggered using a smartphone app, which makes it easy to find missing keys.

Raising the position of locks

Once your child can stand on their own two feet, they will want to play and interact with every new object they can reach. One new object will be locks located on doors and windows. A child may stuff objects into a lock and jam the mechanism or they could accidentally lock themselves in the bathroom or other space. A mobile locksmith will be able to visit your home and raise the position of locks to ensure that they are beyond the reach of your child.

Providing a duplicate key

If you leave the house with your child and they gain access to your keys, they may drop them in the street without you knowing it. Being locked out of your home with a small child is never a pleasant experience. A locksmith will be able to create a duplicate set of keys which you can give to a neighbour so you can gain entry if your child has lost your keys.

Disabling self-locking doors

While self-locking doors can be a great security feature, they can also create problems if you have a small child. If your child slams a self-locking door while you are outside of the house, you may find yourself locked out. A small child may not understand how to open a locked door, which will mean you have to call out an emergency locksmith.

If you would like to find out more about how you can childproof your home, you should contact a locksmith today.