Access Control: Should You Install an Electronic System in Your Business Space?

Proper management of physical access in your commercial space is essential for your business. The control measures will ensure the security of your information and assets. Free access to areas such as the data centre increases the risk of equipment damage and information leaking. In addition, access control ensures the safety of your employees and clients if there are hazardous materials and systems in the workplace. If you are planning on enhancing your access control measures, you should think about installing an electronic system. While keyed doors are sufficient for general locking, they will not provide the same level of security as the electronic alternative. Here are the primary benefits of electing electronic control for your business. 

Duplication is Difficult

Standard keys are unsuitable for high-security access control because they are simple in design and fabrication. In simple terms, the keys can be duplicated with considerable ease by employees. As a result, the security in your commercial space will be compromised. Electronic systems cannot be easily infiltrated using this method because they are not reliant on keys. The business doors will be operated using digitals codes, access cards or biometric elements. The digital code and biometric access options cannot be duplicated because they are not independent products. Smart and proximity cards can be cloned, but a lot of technological resources are required. Therefore, the risk is minimal.

Credentials are Revokable

When an employee resigns or is relieved of their duties by the management, they are required to return their access keys to the office. This practice is essential for ensuring that disgruntled and unscrupulous individuals do not use the keys for nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, if your business uses physical keys, you cannot guarantee that the former worker will not keep a duplicate. Installing an electronic system eliminates this problem. Simply speaking, you can revoke the credentials of an employee after resignation or termination remotely using a computer. Therefore, even if the individual does not submit their access card, they will not be allowed free access.

Incorporated Surveillance 

Finally, electronic access control provides more options for surveillance in your business. Combining your physical door security with your security system can help you promote better security and safety in your commercial space. Under ideal circumstances, you should incorporate your surveillance network into your access control system. When an action is taken at the door, the security cameras will record automatically. This setup will ensure that access credentials are not shared or misused in your company.