One Key to Rule Them All: A Master Key System

How many keys do you have on your key ring? It can be somewhat annoying when your key chain becomes a hulking monstrosity crammed with more keys than you probably need. It can be helpful to occasionally inspect your key ring to see which keys can be removed, such as ones that you no longer need. There are even online guides on how to reduce the bulk of your key ring. It can be difficult to comfortably carry such a loaded key ring in your pocket, and an excessively heavy key ring also has the potential to damage your car's ignition, although it's unlikely. Of course, certain keys must be kept, like the keys you use to enter your home. But what if you could use a single key to access multiple locks?

So Many Locks

You might need to turn a number of locks before you can even get inside your home. Maybe you have a locked gate followed by a security door that's then followed by your front door. You could even have a lock on your garage if it's not automatic. And this is assuming you actually enter through these particular doors. You might need to go in your side or rear door, along with unlocking any security doors that have been installed there. It's hardly surprising how easy it is for a key ring to become overloaded. 

Multiple Locks, One Key

Generally known as a master key system, it's possible to have multiple locks with unique configurations all opened by the same key. This is popular in apartments and flats, with residents using the same key to open the door to the building, as well as the door to their own apartment or flat. It's not as though a resident can use their key to access their neighbour's home since the locks (and keys) are still restricted. This means that a resident's key can access the building's door as well as their own front door, but nothing further. Such a system can be highly convenient for any residential property with multiple locks.

Installation and Access

A locksmith will need to install the master key system locks and can then issue you with as many keys as you need. You can also request additional keys with specific restrictions. For example, if you need to regularly grant access to parts of your property to a gardener or other maintenance personnel, you could give them a key that allows them to unlock your gate and your garage, but nothing more.

So if you're struggling to fit your key chain into your pocket, it might be time to start thinking about a master key system.