Wireless Technology: Consider These Security System Options for Your Home

Investing in home security systems is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 228,000 households get broken into every year. Without proper security systems, you could be a victim of burglaries that result in property theft, damage and personal injury.

Gone are the days when proper home security comprised of a high-quality deadbolt lock and grilled window frames. Today there are advanced wireless security systems that can improve the security of your home. Below are the top three options that you should consider investing in for better security.

Wireless Door Locks

Unlike traditional door locks that feature a locking system only, wireless door locks are connected to an access control system using sensors. There is no need for wiring or a door card reader. The lock allows you remote access to your home. You can open and close the door without being in your property.

Wireless door locks are excellent for beefing up security in your home. After you connect the system to your smartphone, you get alerts every time someone unlocks the door. If you have kids or guests and don't want to give them access codes, you can remotely open the door for them when they get home.

Unlike wired systems which have a complicated process of changing lock codes, a wireless network allows you to change the codes from your smart devices instantly. You don't have to worry about an unauthorised person accessing the codes.

Advanced Front Door Cameras

Door cameras are not new in the home security industry. However, there are wireless options that present a whole world of opportunities to protect your home from intruders. With these door cameras, you don't just get to see who is standing outside your door. You can remotely access the house from your office or while on vacation.

The cameras also allow 24-hour surveillance on your property. Whether you're home or not, you can speak to someone at the door. When paired with a wireless lock, this feature allows you to see and control who can come in and out of your home when you're not around.

Garage Door Openers

Standard garage door openers have a remote control that you use to open and close the garage door. However, that's all there is to the traditional options. Wireless openers allow remote access to your garage door. You can integrate the system with any smart device and open or close the door remotely.

What's more, the openers have sensors that can alert you when you leave the garage door open. Thus, you never have to worry about burglars accessing your home through the garage. If you forget to close the door, you can simply do it remotely through the integrated system.

Technology has brought about significant changes in the home security industry. Don't be left behind. Take advantage of these wireless security systems to enhance security in your home and protect your valuables.