Fireproof Safe: Understanding the Important Performance Factors

If you are thinking about securing important documents or precious items in your home, you should consider getting a fireproof safe. Often, when people purchase strongboxes, their primary concern is burglary. However, the risk of fire damage is also quite high, and there is no hope for recovery after this type of destruction. This is particularly true for items prone to accelerated degradation such as digital media, magnetic film and even paper. Read More 

Qualities of a Good Locksmith

Once in a while, you may find yourself in a situation that requires the services of a locksmith. Whether you lost your car keys or your doors refuse to open, a good and competent locksmith can help fix your problem. But how do you tell a good locksmith from a not-so-good locksmith? Here is how. Reputation A competent locksmith would have a good reputation in the industry, and well known within your locality. Read More 

Tips To Prevent Your Car Door Locks From Freezing In The Winter

Frozen car doors are always a disaster. This is especially true if you are in a hurry. The usual culprits are cold temperatures and water from precipitation. The best way to prevent your car door locks from freezing in the winter is by following these tips: Check and replace worn gaskets A torn or worn gasket between your car frame and door is one of the factors that can lead door lock to freeze shut. Read More 

Three ‘Key’ Checks to Make After Moving into a New Home

Moving house involves a lot of stress, and with so much to do you might forget to check some 'key' details. It's essential to make sure that you have keys to every lock in your new property and that every key works correctly. Missing or damaged keys to windows, doors and storage areas can create big problems down the line. If you've only tested out one of your front door keys, then you could get a nasty surprise the first time you try to use another—poorly made or damaged keys may not work in your door. Read More 

The Differing Functions of Door Handles Explained

Door handles are different for a good reason. Although you might think that they all perform a fairly similar function – that of opening a door – they don't. If you think about it for a moment, your front door handle is likely to be different from the sort of thing you'd find in a bathroom, for instance. Door handle designs vary for stylistic reasons, of course, but their principle design ethos is driven by their function. Read More